In 2015 we received an award for best edibles, the same day we closed down that branch of our business to focus on concentrates and pharmaceutical grade products. From croissants and pizzas to brownies and cookies, we often started with a cannabis-infused olive oil as the active ingredient. As an ode to our past passion (and to keep our devout following happy), we’ve held on to our infused olive oil and added Pain Management to the line.

Extra virgin olive oil is pressed from select olives the day after harvest without using any heat or chemicals. We use high quality, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, food-grade CO2 oil, and small-batch techniques to ensure accurate dosing and consistent effects. Packaged in frosted one-ounce glass bottles to preserve flavor and potency, each one is hand-filled with TLC. Each 1 ounce bottle contains ten servings of active cannabinoids. Conveniently, one serving is equal to one cap full.

Our fully activated cannabis EVOO can be blended in your favorite smoothie, added to a salad dressing, used to finish your best sautee, or eaten by the teaspoon full. Be sure not to overheat as to prevent any loss of active cannabinoids; and be sure to use responsibly.